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dissertation abstract writing


Writing a dissertation abstract means preparing a brief summary of your dissertation, which provides a general look into the whole research process (including conclusions). The key purpose is to give your readers a general idea of what you are writing about in your work. It actually helps them make up their mind up to whether it is worth reading the entire thing or not. Also, such assignments should spark readers' interest in your work.

A dissertation abstract is placed at the very beginning of your project, right after the title page. It is also possible to prepare abstracts separately from dissertations so that they could be held in various bibliographic indexes (databases).

Needless to say, an abstract is a significant part of your work. Considering the fact that this part is basically the first concise description of the project that you have to present to your committee, it should be viewed as an opportunity to impress everyone right from the start.

In order to write dissertation abstract successfully, you should clearly specify your research questions. There should be 1-3 questions, no more. If there are more questions, it is better for you to restructure them and turn some of them into subsidiary ones. You have to be sure that this piece of work is logical and well-organized since it forms a base for your paper.

Presenting the results of your research is also extremely important, and, therefore, you should not forget to summarize and interpret them. Your work has to tell your readers what you discovered and how productive was your research.


Below we listed some recommendations for those who are in need of help with their abstracts.

  • Make sure to include the following elements, each of which must be covered in a couple of sentences:
    • The purpose and the problem statement of the project. Here you indicate the reason why you decided to investigate the topic and what scientific gap in research you are trying to fill.
    • The methods and approaches used. Mention the methodology you used to show in what way you got the results.
    • The results gained. A few more sentences should be devoted to the findings obtained from the research. Some forget to represent the results in the dissertation abstract. In education, however, the aim of all academic papers is to show what you discovered, not what you did. Hence, including results is of the uttermost importance.
    • Conclusions or implications. Finish the part with suggestions of possible larger implications of your findings. Also, mind to point out how your work contributes to the area of study.
  • Define the type of an abstract. There are two types: descriptive and informative, which have different aims and respectively different components. The descriptive one denotes the type of information covered in the work and gives neither results nor conclusions of the research done. However, it includes the purpose, the methodology, and the scope of a paper. Generally, it is regarded more like an outline than the summary of the project. In comparison, the informative one presents all the main points including the results, the conclusions, and the recommendations and serves as a brief coverage of the material.
  • Keep up with the generally accepted word count. Usually, the abstract takes half of the page of up to 250 words. In some cases, it may take one full page, but definitely not more. Exceeding this part may result in a few scores off the total grade as it shows the failure to understand the purpose of this section.
  • Write an abstract after the main work is done. Since it provides a brief summary of the whole project, you may write it in a proper way only after at least the body of the paper is written.
  • Avoid verbosity. Do not forget that this part has to include only the most critical information of the project. Moreover, you are completing an academic paper which does not tolerate the usage of florid and superfluous words. The language has to be clear, simple, and follow the generally accepted writing style.
  • Use key terms. The usage of terminology relevant to your topic will reveal your awareness of basic concepts and, hence, close familiarity with the subject area.


Abstract writing is a very complex and time-consuming task. This type of work has to contain a message about the significance of your research and its conclusions, which are worth sharing with other people. Do not forget that a great abstract will surely impress your committee favorably, which is why you have to think carefully about its structure.

Obviously, creating such work takes quite a lot of time so you could think about what exactly do you need to talk about and also come up with ways to spark your readers' interest. But, of course, not everyone has excellent writing skills and, therefore, may experience big troubles trying to complete this academic assignment in a timely manner.

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