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dissertation methodology writing


The methodology chapter is an outline of the research process that is used as a plan for a paper. It involves any information that is gathered in order to conduct proper research. As a rule, the methodologies include the use of various research methods, such as interviews, information collection and its analysis, questionnaires, practical tests, etc.

Basically, this section serves as an underpinning to your choice of research methods. Here you are to give a clear explanation why you have chosen this or that method and how it helped to generate the results and maintain the research objectives. Keep in mind that this chapter has to be closely linked to the literature one. That is to say, each method should support the respective topic of the literature review.

In regard to the types of methods, you can use empirical methods (collecting information and doing some sort of study) or non-empirical methods (all information comes from already published sources). Obviously, writing a dissertation methodology section takes more time when empirical methods are used since it requires looking for some additional data.

In order to create a methodology, you have to obtain not only the deep knowledge of research methods but also presentation and communication skills in order to make information easier to understand.

The main purpose of the methodology is to illustrate your ways of approaching your questions. The research design is a method that helps you understand what you need to find while conducting a research.

There is also a need to come up with a plan that tells how exactly you are going to examine the main topic of your paper. It includes your chosen approach and the methods of information collection and its analysis. There are two approaches of checking out topics – qualitative and quantitative; you can use them separately or combine them together in order to find a perfect match for your topic.

As we have mentioned, there are a number of research methods among which you will have to choose the ones that fit your project exactly. Among the most common ones are:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Observations
  • Documentary analysis

The interview is the most commonly used method of gaining qualitative information in the form of a conversation between a researcher and the person who in a measure possesses that information. It is a rather flexible tool for gaining the material needed, but it is usually a very time-consuming process. Thus, if you need to interview a large number of people, it is better to use the questionnaires.

Questionnaires are used for gaining both qualitative and quantitative information. They can be easily delivered to many people to collect the data, but this data will not be as detailed as the one got with the help of interviews. Questionnaires are usually applicable when a measurement of some parameters or characteristics of a group of people is needed.

Observations, as well as questionnaires, can also be applied to qualitative and quantitative research. Sometimes the only way to collect data is to observe the behavior of the test subjects under certain circumstances. The interesting thing about this method is that participants are not always aware they are under observations, which can even make for more accurate results since they are more prone to act naturally.

Documentary analysis method presupposes collecting data through learning documents, the so-called tangible materials. Such documents, if freely accessible, can help a researcher to analyze the recorded facts and ideas about people, events, organizations, etc. This way of data retrieving is usually employed by the historians and social scientists.

The important thing to note about methodology is that you will have to mention the weaknesses of the approach chosen and give arguments why do you think they are not so relevant for your research.

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