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If you ask anyone from any corner of the world about patriotism, they will surely have different views on it. In order to clear the things up for yourself and your peers, you may be assigned to write a patriotism essay. We can cheer you up –  it is not as difficult as you could imagine. Despite the fact that patriotism is associated with an awareness of political, economic, and socio-cultural movements, you don’t need to be an expert in these fields to write an A+ essay on patriotism.

Meanwhile, considering that patriotism has always been quite a touchy topic, there is a probability that you will find yourself desperately searching for new ideas about this theme since it is not so popular in the academic circles. You can go online for the best answers, but even the best patriotism essay examples offered by Google won’t be as good as your professors expect.

Do not lose heart! In this article, we will show you that coming up with new unexpected and effective ideas for an essay is not that hard. We will also show you some tips tested by millions of happy students on how to generate engaging and challenging patriotism essay ideas with little effort. We will guide you through the whole paper planning, researching, writing, and reviewing processes in order to show you how you can make it perfect and submit the essay with a sigh of relief!

How to start writing a patriotism essay

The most obvious thing that you can do if the essay is not ultimately important for your academic record is to write a simple and straightforward patriotism definition essay. However, you should be careful here because this type of paper is not as easy as it may seem. Whether you are striving to form your own definition of this phenomenon or you are going to explore and analyze the credibility of other scholars’ definitions, the task here is to stay as clear and concise as possible. Thus, whenever you have a chance to write a “What is patriotism” essay, you might imagine yourself explaining this question to a child or teenager who doesn’t know yet what patriotism really means. Meanwhile, you should also think about your target audience. You are writing an academic assignment, that’s why it is highly important to keep the right format and professional tone of language.

Further, it’s time to think about essay structure. Divide your essay into parts, where each argument has its place and start each paragraph with a topic sentence describing that statement. By doing so, you will write a concise and well-structured paper.

What else can you do if you lack writing ideas? You can write a quick and easy “What patriotism means to me” essay, in which you can explain your own point of view. In this case, you don’t need to conduct long and difficult research. Just be sincere with your audience and share what this word really means to you. As you can see, writing a “What does patriotism mean to you” essay, you have a right to express your own opinion; thus, the process of writing the essay would be more effortless. In addition to that, you finally have a chance to say what you really think and feel about the current issue. No one will punish you for your belief or say that this opinion is wrong. By the way, there is one more tip that will help you make your essay original. Just add a little bit of your thesis statement to the title of your essay, and it will sound like one of a kind. For example, this might be a “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” essay. As you can clearly see here, you let your reader know right from the start what is the point that you are going to prove on the pages of your essay. This topic indeed sounds much better than just a “What is my opinion on the patriotism” essay.

Also, when looking for the unique topics, you could pick a quotation of a political figure or scholar in order to express your view the best way possible. Their opinion, in some way, might have affected yours. If you like this idea, go online and look for the best patriotism essay quotes. While you just scan through them, the good advice is to write down ideas that come to your mind. You should also think about your target audience in advance before choosing which statements you are going to include in your essay. If the paper that you are writing is a patriotism essay for college students who are familiar with the topic, then you can operate with professional terms and stay focused on the specific subject. In other cases, however, you will need to provide more background or information to support your statement effectively.
Even though you might express your specific opinion and write this kind of paper quite quickly by yourself, many students still consider it challenging to write an essay on patriotism. This is the secret to any good essay, whether you are writing an argumentative essay, definition essay, persuasive speech or research paper. Why? The reason is that this term is controversial in nature, and many people have a whole spectrum of understandings of the definition of patriotism. Therefore, such a controversial nature of a phenomenon may become a great basis for your how to express patriotism essay, don’t you think so?  

For example, the tension of the argument might appear between those who think that patriotism is healthy and those who believe that it may be racist. Moreover, it is also a great idea to explore the definition of patriotism by an example of some certain region. You may write an American patriotism essay, especially if you live in the USA and can base on your own experience.
On the other hand, you may choose the way of dissociating yourself with regions and countries on the political map of the world. For instance, choose a “Does patriotism still matter” essay to look at the larger picture of the whole situation with patriotism in modern society. Perform research like a journalist in order to find the truth about this phenomenon and reflect whether it can co-exist with tolerance for other countries and cultures or not. Likewise, in the importance of patriotism essay, you can explore the question of whether it is necessary to encourage patriotism and whether it is valid enough to do so in the age of globalization.

How to approach patriotism essay

The good news is that this particular topic is especially good for writing a short essay on patriotism. Short essays have a simple structure of any non-fictional writing. Obviously, this structure has three main parts that you shouldn’t forget to include. We are talking about the introduction, a few body paragraphs (typically three to five), and, of course, the conclusion. In academic papers like this, you can gain a general understanding of some popular phenomena and explain your own understanding of it. For example, this could be an authentic patriotism essay. All you need to do is to give a brief background on what is considered to be the definition of patriotism, then you would be required to explain the definition of an authentic patriotism. While supporting your words with credible and relevant evidence, don’t forget to add your own comments on the issue and make sure that you have a central focal point in the form of an appropriate thesis statement.

It is nevertheless important to distinguish the right definition of patriotism in case you are writing an academic essay about it. Some people may form an overly emotional attitude towards defining patriotism, and this particular opinion may sound biased, which you don’t want in your academic paperwork. As such, some cultures are too positive about patriotism, which makes it simple to manipulate the nation by claiming that some things as self-defiance and sacrifice are good. You may highlight this issue in your “Nationalism vs Patriotism” essay. In other words, it doesn’t matter if an individual decides to enlist for the army or not, the basic human rights should not be diminished or sacrificed for the sake of the idea of patriotism. Moreover, the definition of patriotism doesn’t mean that someone’s country is better than the other. Patriotism should only mean inner love and devotion to one’s country. If you are interested in other studies regarding patriotism besides the ideas that we have stated above, you can conduct research, looking through some of the most popular and recent patriotism philosophy essay examples.

Nonetheless, whatever are the philosophy movements about defining, restating, and explaining what patriotism is, this issue tends to change from country to country and from one generation to another. On the basis of this, you can write a great critical essay on patriotism today. Some people believe that the idea of patriotism is being transferred from ancestors to their descendants without some great changes because that is how every dogma travels through time. We suggest you perform research, then to have some time with a cup of coffee or tea and think about this issue. Try to define your own perception of patriotism. However, state your opinion using a professional tone of voice in your essay. If you are not sure yet which statement you want to claim as your main thesis statement, write down a list of patriotism essay questions in the first place. These questions will not only help to build out the whole structure of the essay but also assist you in making an essential decision of the specific topic that you will pick for your paper.

You can consider yourself a lucky one if you have been assigned to write a persuasive essay on authentic patriotism. Persuasive essays are what most students like more than the regular research papers or long and complicated argumentative essays for one simple reason –  everyone likes to persuade. Some people just love to argue and prove they are right. Well, if you have such a feature too, now you can apply it for making your academic record so much better!

You can also focus your attention on the “Different symbols of patriotism” essay. However, this topic is better for a research paper where a neutral language is required, which is different from a typical persuasive essay where you need to prove that only some single point of view is right. In this case, you would be required to give an all-round view of all the most valuable and credible concepts of patriotism.

The next strategy of meticulous students is searching for some good essay titles about patriotism. Since everything starts with a title, the other things like forming a successful thesis statement and defining a reasonable outline come easy when you know the overall direction in which you are going. The next reason to look for a good title is that you lack one persuasive argument that would prove that your thesis statement regarding patriotism is considered true. On the other hand, if you are closer to the end of your writing of this assignment, you need an engaging clincher phrase for the conclusion because title and conclusive ideas are connected. You can make it yourself by reading more articles on how to end a patriotism essay.

Importance of patriotism essay

Whenever you are writing an academic assignment about patriotism (as well as any other topic, though), the first thing you will need to check is the relevance of your reasoning line. Right after you gather all of the appropriate evidence for supporting your arguments, make sure that they are accurate. Even if your essay requires mostly explaining your own point of view like an essay on patriotism lives in heart, in order to abide by all university norms of formatting, you need to state a few evidence lines that would support your statements. So check if the information mentioned in the essay has been appropriately collected. Fortunately, if this task seems too challenging for you, note that for simple essays like a define patriotism essay, which doesn’t require extensive research, you might not need to perform such a deep analysis of your bibliography sources.

Let’s imagine that you have already crafted your patriotism essay thesis, and you are working on the argumentation line to support it. Now it’s time to think about the strategy of proving your standpoint. First, you have to shuffle the notes that you put on your arguments throughout working process, looking in which places they fit the most naturally and logically reasonable. Then, you pick up one of the best evidence sources, see if the other one fits here too. Note that this part is among the essential ones because if you have a topic like patriotism essay meaning, your overall essay quality largely depends on the evidence that you apply.

patriotism essay

The other thing that most of the students fail to check is the date when the evidence source had been published or updated for the last time. You should remember here that the first three lines in Google search query don’t necessarily mean the newest and the most credible evidence for your research on the current topic, especially if you write a highly precise and reasonable patriotism argumentative essay. You definitely don’t want to base your research paper on the evidence of 2008, just because the world is moving so fast and so much has changed since that time. Those old researches, statistics, facts, and even quotes were made at different times, and modern circumstances were not considered. This is also the reason why you should only use the latest reference sources for your academic assignments.


Now, to conclude our article, let’s briefly repeat what we have learned today about writing essays about patriotism. There are lots of patriotism essay topics in the nets of web search, and you just have to look for them well. At first, you could think that patriotism is quite a boring topic to write about. Nevertheless, it’s a chance to find and work on a great patriotism essay topic for high school students that will improve your academic performance and bring you a reputation of a diligent student. However, you need to do real research, reading some literature on this theme to formulate an opinion and get ignited with the passion of revealing the ideas that you believe in.

And of course, you need to learn how to write impeccable patriotism essay outlines. To make your essay vibrant and original, you have to make a few simple steps. All you need to do is perform empirical research or share your experience. Maybe someone you know has been to the army or even war, and they can tell about patriotism and what it means to them. If you write an essay on the basis of the interview with that person, you will make a priceless contribution to the overall research about this phenomenon.

There are also a few pivotal points in your essay that mark its quality and value like nothing else. First, you should pay special attention to the patriotism essay introduction, since this is exactly the part where you will introduce both the topic and your thesis statement that will become the central statement to your academic paper. At first, some students consider it a good idea to tell a little story or to give a general background on the issue. However, others prefer to dive deep into their specific subtopic right from the start. Before choosing which approach works best for you, think for a moment about your audience. Are they professionals in this field of study or know little or nothing about it? Do they share your point of view, oppose it, neutral, or don’t care about it? Every type of audience needs a certain approach for persuasion that affects the overall structure of your essay.

Another important point is the conclusion of patriotism essay. Here, it is necessary to briefly restate all of the arguments. Make sure that your repetition of all the arguments sounds engaging and logical and is connected with appropriate linking phrases, without informal language, and so on and so forth. The final phrase is almost the same as the hook for the introduction. It is designed to immediately grab the attention of the reader and leave them wanting more. By the way, do not forget that your conclusion should not include any new information.

All in all, when you write a research paper on patriotism, the most important point of your work is what you feel about this topic. You might end your essay on the high note that we shape our own future, and the phenomenon of patriotism is best to apply when it has a positive connotation. If patriotism means something discriminative regarding other countries, it mutates into radical nationalism, which is not a healthy notion. Sadly, some people confuse these two definitions. Therefore, your task is to divide the two notions for your audience to be able to make their own conclusion.

Overall, the recipe for the best essay on patriotism is quite complex. It requires mixing various ingredients in a precise proportion in order to make it sound relevant and professional. But if you follow the advice shared in this article, you will surely provide a high-quality paper worth the excellent mark!


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