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Writing about Bias, Prejudice, and Stereotypes

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Essay writing on prejudice and discrimination: Before you start

You might have heard that before you start writing a paper, it is best to spend some time trying to concentrate. Well, it is true. Moreover, there is a bunch of things that you have to do before you start working on your essay. With the help of this article, you will not only get a high grade for your essay but also develop some useful skills. So, what are the most important things that you want to know before writing any kind of text? Let’s consider some important points.

As you may know, first of all, you have to create a calm and cozy atmosphere for yourself to work in. Doing so, you will be able to fully concentrate on your essay on prejudice. Just pick the way which works the best for you, and then the writing process will be comfortable.

Anything else to do before starting the essay about stereotypes?

Actually, there is another thing that you have to do before you start writing, and that is the research.

Looking for the information for essays on stereotyping is actually harder than it seems if you do it for the first time. What you need to understand is that the quality of information you use in your paper is very important for your mark. So, where to look for factual data? You may go to the local library or search for some credible scientific journals on the Internet. Anyway, if you want to have the best essay among all of the essays on prejudice, you should go online and check whether the information is real and credible or not.

Starting the prejudice and discrimination essay

You might have heard a statement that the first paragraph is the easiest among all parts. Well, that is definitely not true. This part is designed to attract the attention of your readers, so you have to do your best to make this part really engaging. Moreover, the topic of discrimination and prejudice has been one of the most popular ones, and that is the reason why many novice writers struggle to create a really authentic and interesting paper. For example, if you search for a few sample essays about stereotypes in society, you will likely notice that they look very similar. However, with some advice, you will be able to write a really high-quality and unique text!

As you know, you need to choose among various stereotype topics for essays. Just pick the one that is the most interesting for you. For example, you may choose to write a cultural stereotypes essay or a paper on gender discrimination depending on the issue that speaks to you more. After that, you have to compile the plan of your writing. It’s quite an easy task because you just need to list the things that you want to write about.

How to write a stereotyping essay introduction?

Here are some good tips on writing a stereotype essay thesis and intro:

  • Be consistent. Make sure that everything that you mention in the introduction will be discussed in the main paragraph.
  • Almost in any stereotype essay example, you may find some kind of statistics or curious fact that makes you interested in reading the following text. That thing is called a ‘hook,’ and it is used in all types of text, not just essays. It is one of the most important parts of the introduction, so you have to pay attention what facts or figures to choose.
  • Remember that your intro should not be too extended. Also, try to avoid long and vague sentences.   

What is a hook, and how to use it properly in essays about prejudice?

There are many types of hooks, and their usage depends on the type of text you are writing. Still, statistics and interesting facts are the greatest hooks that you can include in your stereotype paper. To find the best hook, you might just need to use one of the facts that you have found while you were looking for information. Once again, do not forget to check whether they are real or not. Since there are many pieces of research, interviews, scientific articles, and essays about stereotypes, you can always look for them online and then check whether they include factual information. So actually, there is just one rule that you have to know about the usage of hooks in the introduction – there should be only one hook in a text. To make life easier for you, here are some examples of good hooks that you might use in your essay or research paper on stereotypes:

  • Colombia is not the biggest exporter and user of drugs. Moreover, Americans produce and use more drugs than Colombians.
  • Irish people do not drink more than most of the Europeans. For example, an average Luxembourger drinks more alcohol than an average Irish.
  • Spanish hate bullfights. The bullfights have been prohibited in many regions of Spain, so it is clear that Spanish people were not too fond of spending their time looking at the fights.

Of course, you do not have to use these examples, but if you want to, you are welcome to do so. Also, it would be great to provide some graphical examples of information.

After you have written the stereotype thesis and the intro, do not think that your work is over. There is one more thing that you have to do before moving on, and that is grammar and spell-check. There is a variety of services where you can check your text for mistakes, so just choose the one that you like the most.

Before moving on to the main part of your research papers on stereotypes, consider one more thing that will help you a lot in case you have a big assignment. Let’s imagine that you have found a lot of information, and you started writing the text but realized that the word count is still less than it was required. In this case, transition words may come in handy. It is vital to use them not only because it will make your text longer but also because it will provide you with the opportunity to write a cohesive text that is interesting to read.

essay about stereotypes

Writing the body of the essay

Many people think that all you need to do in the main part is just write down all of the information that you have. Well, that is true to some point. However, you will have to think about a special way of presenting all of the info that you have. There are many ways to do it. For example, you may compare and contrast two opposite viewpoints.

The next way is to briefly describe the ideas and concepts without going too much into the details. For example, in an essay on the difference between racism and prejudice discrimination, you can just describe both sides, and in conclusion, you will need to state your own opinion briefly.

How to write a media bias essay?

If you read and watch the news at least a little, you might have noticed that some media can be quite biased concerning different issues. Currently, essays on stereotypes in media are extremely topical, so make sure you know how to approach this theme properly. Be ready that some people are not going to agree with your ideas and beliefs. So make sure that you provided really strong arguments that the certain media source is biased. In this case, you may even use some screenshots, links, and videos as evidence. As you can see, an essay on media bias might become one of the toughest tasks that you have ever got. Therefore, make sure that you are prepared to take this fight and be able to give out a lot of information about this topic to your reader. There are many ways to let the reader know what you think of the topic without being too involved and biased. But the most important tip to remember is that you shouldn’t try to convince somebody that your opinion is the only right one. Instead, try to put it like it is one of the options which the reader might or might not accept.

Tips for writing a media bias research paper

Writing a research paper is not an easy task because this kind of assignment is totally different from the essays. Sometimes students think that writing the research is easy because all they have to do is just go online, look for some information, and simply put out all of the info in the paper. That would work out for a essays on media bias. However, in the case of research papers, you have to be especially careful with the information you use. Here are some good tips on how to write a high-quality research paper:

  • First thing first, not all data would be appropriate for the text. Every quote that you pick will have to be rigorously checked. Moreover, you will need to think twice whether it fits the context. You are writing an essay about bias, so do your best not to be biased yourself.
  • Also, make sure that you are staying impartial because you definitely do not want to get a bad grade on your text, especially if you have an awesome thesis statement about stereotypes.
  • When you are writing about media being biased, be ready to provide some proof. For example, you may show how certain networks manipulate their viewers by using hate speech.
  • Finally, make sure that you know all the requirements for the research that you have. You should not miss a thing because that will put your grade down by a lot. A nice tip for writing this type of text would be to create a checklist not to miss anything.
  • Another tip to remember is that you have to be brief and concise with the information you want to provide to your reader.

Writing a racial stereotype essay: useful tips

The topic of race discrimination has always been a burning issue to discuss in the media. Therefore, there is a lot of information that people should know before making any conclusions about this problem. By the way, an essay on interracial prejudice is considered one of the most difficult papers to write. So, start working on it right after you are given this assignment.

So what to write in your racial stereotype essay? For example, you can write an African American stereotypes essay and focus on stereotypes about drugs. The stereotype is that almost half of African Americans in the world, or at least in the USA, are consuming drugs. However, this is not the case. If you look at the statistics, you will be surprised to find out that less than 15% of drug addicts are African American. However, there is a statistical fact that almost 40% of those arrested for the drugs in the USA are African Americans, so to some extent, the old stereotype is true, except black people usually do not do drugs, but are related to selling them. This example will be great to use in any kind of an essay on prejudice and discrimination, as it shows how the stereotypes might become false in just a second if you look them up on the Web. But, at the same time, it sometimes amazes people that some stereotypes appear to be truthful. Any example like the one above will make the reader really interested in your essay on racial prejudice, and that is your chance to present them all the info that you have been gathering for so long.

How to write a gender stereotype essay?

As we all know, nowadays, the problem of gender inequality is among the most burning social issues. It might seem like it has emerged in the last decade. However, the history of this problem started at the beginning of the 20th century, when women realized that they have fewer chances to live a happy and full life than an average man, just because they were women. That was a push for them to start fighting for their rights; men did not approve this fight and even stood against it. However, right now, we realize that there was nothing to oppose at that time, and women were fighting to have the same rights as men. There are many points to consider in your women stereotypes essay: you may tell your readers about the history of feminism or describe modern movements. Moreover, you can also write how modern men suffer from stereotypes attributed to them as well as mention the concept of toxic masculinity.

But let’s look at the possible topics for your essay on gender prejudice in more detail. Let us start with the first option that a lot of students opt for – problems women have to face today. For example, in some countries, women are still prohibited from working on some jobs that are considered dangerous. Another huge problem is child marriage, which affects more girls than boys. Most likely, the reader will be interested in topics like this, but you will need to be really precise with the info that you pick as examples. You probably do not want to lose half of your readers by just listing one-sided examples, do you?

But if you are interested in digging down and getting more factual information to create a decent women stereotypes essay, there are plenty of things to discuss. Unfortunately, society has determined specific gender roles both for males and females, and in the past, those who didn’t follow them were thought to be rebellious people and outcasts. Even though the situation has improved, women are still expected to dress, speak, and live according to common stereotypes.

Indeed, gender stereotypes affect people drastically. Women are often told to be emotional and nice to everybody, spend their lives in the kitchen cooking meals for their children and husband, choose only ‘female’ occupations like a teacher or nurse, be thin, graceful, always smiling, and wear makeup. Moreover, women are always expected to be feminine and naïve, soft and flirtatious, even if it’s uncomfortable for them. Stereotypes are sometimes so absurd that there are specific colors assigned to both genders: pink for girls and blue for boys. All of these facts should be included in all sorts of essays about female stereotypes — it’s time to forget about these ridiculous lies about women!  

Let’s move on to the next option to consider in any of your essays about stereotypes in society. This option may seem quite challenging because you have to touch upon one spread belief and prove that many people are wrong.  

If you write a research paper on discrimination in the workplace, you can find various pieces of evidence on the Web. There are various types of workplace discrimination such as age, sex, race, religion, national origin discrimination etc. Include this fact in your essay on prejudice and social processing. Moreover, you may learn more about what types of conduct might qualify as discrimination and how you can develop a strategy to help reduce your risk.

Some interesting facts to include in an essay on stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination

Of course, if you have to write an essay about cognitive bias, you have to conduct more profound research and look for more interesting arguments and facts to reinforce your position. But for a simple essay on stereotypes, we will make life easier for you and provide you with a couple of statistical facts and interesting things for your paper. Use them wisely, and pick only the best fitting ones!

  • All Russians love vodka. Does it have any merit? Actually, yes. It is said that most Russian households do keep vodka, and it is likely to be the liquor of choice at events.
  • French waiters are rude. Parisians do not have the best reputation, and waiters are often to blame. Even ex-French foreign minister Laurent Fabius admitted that the country was often perceived as unfriendly. Is there any truth to it? Yes and no. The French can be less chatty and cheery than some other nations, but they are not ‘rude’ per se.
  • Britain has terrible food. The rumor that British food is not any good is a strong one. Maybe it was true in the past, but it certainly is not anymore! In addition to some of the world’s most popular chefs being from Britain (Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, etc.), the country offers a lot of food variety.

There are plenty of other facts that you can find online. Just use the tips on how to look for the info! And finally, let’s move to the last part of your essay – conclusion. Trust me, after you read this part, there will be no questions on how to write an essay on discrimination and prejudice!

Writing a stereotypes essay conclusion

So you are almost done with your paper. How to finish it properly? Well, the conclusion is not going to be a very easy part of your essay about stereotypes and discrimination — it has to be a summary with an interesting twist and not only a brief list of everything you wrote.

First of all, in your stereotypes essay conclusion, restate the main idea presented in the paper in different words. You don’t need to have any arguments or explanations in your conclusion because they should have been mentioned in your main part. The restated stereotype essay thesis statement should be only one sentence long. Then summarize the main points of your essay. It’s also fine to remind your readers about the key points, but make sure you won’t go too far. Don’t provide any support for each of your points, only an overview of main ideas. Also, remember not to present any new ideas in conclusion because it’s going to confuse your readers.

By the way, you are free to make a call to action to address any social issue you were discussing in your essay about stereotypes and prejudice.

Finally, one more thing that you could do is to discuss the future perspective of a topic or an issue that you are writing about. It’s not a necessary step to do, and you can skip it if you’d like. But if you are writing something like a problem solution essay about gender stereotyping, your final thoughts and ideas could be really useful. Just keep them short and don’t add any extra information!

Final Word

As a writer, you are able to change the world with the help of your words, writing on such burning topics as psychology of stereotyping. But remember that you have to master your skills and train daily. If you choose to write about any social issue, you have to do a lot of research, and it’s not going to be an easy path.

There are lots of different essay topics about gender stereotypes, discrimination, and bias that you can choose from. Different groups of people are stereotyped on the basis of various characteristics such as age, gender, race, etc. We suggest that you focus on one of the characteristics when writing an essay about stereotypes and discrimination. Otherwise, you will very likely go over the word limit set by your professor without covering any of the issues you have chosen thoroughly.

Just remember to stay impartial and give as many different opinions and perspectives as possible. Even if you are writing an opinion essay on prejudice, you may still compare your opinion to that of others or the factual information that you find. However, don’t rely on facts only — provide some recommendations and ideas on what can be done to make the world a better place. Do your best to write your stereotypes paper, and your work will be paid off! 



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