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Business Plan: Aqua Diving Inc. - Part 3


Diver Profile

Divers, worldover, can be classified as hard core divers, tourist divers, and potential divers. Hard core divers are those who dive regularly and are experienced, who dive to seek different flora and fauna, to face new challenges, and experience different diving conditions. The tourist divers are those who experience diving as part of their holiday, either through supervised dives, or through diving courses. In addition to the above classification, there are two more categories into which divers are classified and they are namely ‘hard adventure’ travellers or ‘soft adventure’ travellers. Both these two categories of divers, are likely to take a minimum of three adventure holidays annually within a span of five years. “From a survey of 1596 regular divers, 57% took either one or two diving holidays a year and 25% took three or four. Only 7% took more than ten diving holidays and might be classified as professionals or very keen recreational divers (Smith, May, 2005).” For the ‘hard adventure’ travellers, the primary objective is diving, travelling alone, as well as spending more money on diving alone. For the ‘soft adventure’ travellers, the focus is on numerou activities, as they normally travel with their family and friends and they tend to spend less amounts of money on sepcialized recreational activities like diving, etc.

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What are the components of a great diving camp?

Aqua Diving Inc. has a focus on education and entertainment. This is the passion that drives the entrepreneurs behind this dream project (See Appendix A for the profiles, dreams and aspirations of the entrepreneurs.) The final goal is to set a network of diving resorts across the world in the most exotic of all locations (discussed more later.)

To begin with the Aqua Diving Inc. is looking at setting up a location in New York and the moot question is should it be within the city limits and the company rub shoulders with the numerous competitors existing or set up a resort up country? Going by the philosophy of Aqua Diving Inc. that the focus be on education and entertainment, it is decided to go a little beyond the city limits but be accessible to even the week-end divers and their families. Each of the Aqua Diving Inc. resorts must be a complete family resort where children and family also can have their two bits of fun while the serious divers of the family can indulge in their passion.

Having defined the concept of what Aqua Diving Inc. is looking for the facilities that must exist in each of the resorts include:

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  • Accommodation for the divers to stay overnight or over weekends or to conduct camps;
  • Food and beverage arrangements offering excellent quality food
  • Hygiene arrangements like laundry facility
  • Professional dive instructors
  • Work spaces
  • Resting spaces for staff and executives
  • Class rooms and class room equipment
  • Exhibition (explained later)
  • Boats, yachts and certified crew
  • Facilities for night diving where required
  • Photography equipment (especially the underwater equipment),
  • Security
  • Information Technology equipment
  • Communication equipment

As seen each of the resorts is very capital intensive to begin and will require certain amount of sustenance till break even period. Over a period of time, expansion will begin fuelling growth as it contributes to brand building efforts and growth.

The need for a Business Plan

As someone said, when you turn your vacation to a vocation, you will never need to work another day. There are a number of business owners who have turned their vacation into a vacation and have become successful like Lance Winslow who turned his passion for aircrafts into a nice and successful business. Yet, for every business to be successful, immense amount of planning is required and drafting a plan for the business is the first step.

No business or enterprise activity can begin unless there is a purpose, aim or objective to be reached. It is like a distant navigational aid that helps to keep the direction and re-navigate in case the course changes. The activity of planning starts when the objectives are defined. Objectives are a vital prerequisite to successful operation of an organization. Objectives are a must in any organization if it has to utilize the resources relative to its opportunities and if the organization is to be well managed strategically. Once the organization’s mission has been determined, the next step is to establish how that mission is to be accomplished. This can be done by formulating objectives. Objectives are the concrete, specific aim that management seeks to achieve for the organization, often within a stated time period. The formulation of appropriate objectives is crucial to an organization’s success in accomplishing its mission, since these objectives form the basis for planning, policymaking and setting performance standards.

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Organizations come into being for some purpose or purposes. The purpose/purposes of an organization’s existence should be clarified, articulated and defined by the management. This is done through the establishment of objectives, which pervades the managerial process. An organization not guided objectives is an organizations with no purpose and no direction. Without objectives, an organization may continue to exist, but it cannot be considered to be under the control of management. The objectives are necessary for an organization because they provide the right direction, they serve as standards and they also serve as motivators. Long-term objectives are statements of the results a firm seeks to achieve over a specific period. To achieve long term prosperity, strategic planners commonly establish long-term objectives in several areas.

“Strategic directions can be simply defined as the company’s final call about summarizing its major initiatives which it would take in order to achieve the overall organizational goals (Marketing Profs, 2007).” The different strategic directions can be for example, cost cutting measures, exiting from certain geographic locations if not suitable etc. Once these are summarized, the company’s strategy can probably be focus on the short-term profits and measures to increase them etc.

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