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Business Plan: Aqua Diving Inc. - Part 5


Why this Mission statement?

The mission statement is more often than not used to spur performance in teams and this becomes the “daily mantra” for the teams. It is often advised to keep mission statements shorter than 8 words so that people can remember it quickly and it remains at the back of their minds at all times. And this mission statement is 9 words long – meets the exacting standards. This mission statement also spurs performance and goals – network, great experiences being the key action words.

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While our DNA speaks of Joy, Sharing and creating our mission statement is aligned with our DNA. In the delivery of great experiences is the element of sharing joy that we design and deliver for each of our clients. Our business mission drawing from the founder’s purpose of the organization is to have a diving facility or a resort in each of the happening diving sites in the world – this will ensure that our clients will never have to look beyond us for any great destination. This will help us capitalize on the customer satisfaction we deliver for each of our clients and ensure we keep them within the network for as long as possible, thereby dramatically reducing customer acquisition costs. This is where creativity also plays a role in creating those custom experiences tailor made for each of the clients. We acknowledge and reiterate that each of the clients are individual and hence no two clients will ever have same requirements. May be over a period of time or from past experiences of the founders and the team we will be able to create categories broadly, however we still believe that each client needs to be serviced individually. At Aqua Diving Inc. we will strive to do it at all times and for every client – that is our purpose, that is our belief and that is our commitment with all the passion.

Experiences in a key element in a hospitality industry. Since the purpose of Aqua Diving Inc. is to attract first time divers – the Tourist Divers and Potential Divers it is important to be delivering great experiences. The other important aspect of business is the Experiential Learning business which primarily targets corporate customers, the experience is a key for these corporate customers (more of target segmentation later in the business plan.) Because the customer loyalty factor is a key to success for Aqua Diving Inc. Customer quality comes from customer satisfaction which is a result of great experiences. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for customer loyalty undoubtedly.

In an era where institutions globally are competing for clientele by way of differentiating themselves in terms of the most sophisticated technologies, well-experienced staff, state-of-the art amenities; customer satisfaction is getting influenced more by human factors than anything else. To be precise, such human factors are specifically related to service-related skills and communication between the staff at the resorts and the clientele. An organization that offers the client the same value as the competitors, but at a lower cost is said to possess cost advantage, whereas an organization that offers superior value to its clients when compared to its competitors, possesses differentiation advantage. Clients today are expecting better services and therefore the goals of all hospitality service organizations is necessarily to be nothing but to make the clients feel extremely special. This will result in the perceptions of the clients exceeding their expectations and eventually resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction. This is the basic premise on which Aqua Diving Inc.’s mission statement is based on.

Organizational Values

Organizational values are the guiding principles in transacting day-to-day business. These are primarily the qualities that define the people, their actions and also the services offered by the organization. The leadership takes responsibility for creating the value statement and also rigorously adheres to them. Values also in a way impact the organizational culture at a broad level.

What Values Do

Most of the strategic decisions become based on the values defined for the organization. The advantage is that once we have a clearly stated Values statements they can be shared and understood by all the stakeholders. The purpose of the values statement is not to complicate transactions but to ensure they are all taken on one uniform standard. Another major advantage of having Values statement is that the decisions are uniform and consistent.

For example:

  • Values statement must become part of the service design in an organization and also must be used as guiding light when designing newer services
  • Values assist in the development of the organization at an overall level
  • Values must fuel core competence development in the organization.
  • Values statement must the ground from where all the sales and marketing campaigns start off
  • Values can also be a tool in confirming the hiring process and can the same values can be sought in the people that are being hired

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Three categories of organizations values are physical, organizational and psychological categories. It is the duty of every organization to explore the same. Some of the examples for each category are given below:

Physical Values:

  1. Maximize the utilization of resources – human, capital, machinery etc.
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Punctuality / timeliness of services offered.
  4. Quality in terms of courtesy, presentation, functionality, suitability etc.
  5. Reliability or dependability
  6. Ability to respond in a given situation or responsiveness
  7. Safety of employees, guests, etc.

Organizational Values

  1. Communication – how is communication done both inside and outside of the organization – including factors like directness, honesty, transparency, speed etc.?
  2. Team work and coordination
  3. Standardization in terms of using standard reports, forms, etc.

Psychological Values 

  1. Continuous improvement programs to aide internal learning as well as organizational development.
  2. Using creativity to bolster performance
    Risk taking and making mistakes – also admission of mistakes and learning from those experiences
  3. Customer Delight
  4. Integrity / Accountability – making and keeping promises and upholding promises made by anyone in the team to an external stake holder
  5. Loyalty
  6. Mutual respect internally and externally
  7. Responsibility towards society
  8. Responsibility towards environment

Values are not a mere poster or a feel good factor to be stuck on the wall and to be displayed to customers. It is an act of taking responsibility for such words used in the values statements and strict adherence to the same. These make the external world to stand up and take stock of the organization and hence far critical to Aqua Diving Inc.

The values statement of the organization not only expresses it also serve as a guide for behaviour internally and externally. It serves and guides right from a service conception to its marketing and sales. It aides behaviour towards customers and vendors too.

Employees need to be supported to demonstrate the values statement and hence the behaviour of the supervisors including the top management becomes critical. These become the guidelines for even performance evaluation and reward as well as setting the performance measures and indicators.

Aqua Diving Inc.’s top management team taking cognisance of the long term impact a values statement can have on the organization, business and employees have after long deliberation have arrived at the following values statements for Aqua Diving Inc.

Aqua Diving Inc. Values Statement



· This is the fundamental to conduct daily business.

· We ask if every action that we do is legal and ethical.

· Is it fair to everyone involved?

· Is it the right thing to do? Will we do it at home?

· Is it environmentally Responsible?

· If something does not pass the above tests, we will not do that business. It is not mere profits, we will set standards, for ourselves.



· Can every action fit into a process?

· Replicability is critical, can we replicate each of our actions? Will the outcomes be the same with each replication?

· Are we being emotional or judgemental?

· We need to subjugate everything to a process and let not emotions play a role

· Our processes will reign supreme

· Where there are no processes we will go beyond the established boundaries in subservience to customer delight and document it as part of the standard processes

Value for Money:


· We will work hard and strive to deliver higher value than the monies we receive.

· We ensure that every customer engagement ends in a customer delight even if it means we spend a little more to achieve it.

· Learning is critical and we need to document it in our standard formats.

· We ensure we deliver more than what we promised – ALWAYS and that will be a promise we intend to keep.

Each of these values statements will help us make decisions at all times. These will be our lighthouses as we navigate through known and unknown waters – both literally and figuratively. Implementation especially at remote locations could be a challenge as managers come from varied backgrounds and experiences. This will not stop us from delivering totally in compliance with our values. Again the root of all these are in our DNA and flow from there. Implementation of these values are something that could test us and we will ensure we give clarity to the teams and ensure the message is carried in full fidelity across the organization. Every guest who happens to visit Aqua Diving Inc. must walk out with a wow! If that does not happen we would have failed our duty and our existence is not worth explanation. This is where the concept of higher value for money comes in. We will deliver more than what we charge or in the least in every guest engagement we will leave that perception in the minds of our guests. This is what will create and deliver those custom made experiences to each client. This is where customer satisfaction and wow comes from!

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We have deliberately created a life around processes. Everything has to be a process if it can be replicated effectively and deliver if not exactly the same outcomes at minimum similar outcomes. Effective delegation and decision making gets decentralized and everything does not get kicked right up to the CXO level. This will also make the life of the top management simpler and gives them that much more leeway to focus on strategy development and implementation and drive the business from the top.

At the process level no employee however low or up in the organization including the President will ignore a question mark on any guest’s face. Every individual in the team will move to the guest, enquire and ensure a solution is found to every query of the guest. Every individual will own up every guest. Every guest will be greeted and acknowledged with a smile at all places within a resort. Every employee will spread smiles and ultimately joy in the resorts. This is how Aqua Diving Inc. is going to get built up as an organization.

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