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Business Plan: Aqua Diving Inc. - Part 9


Marketing plan for PADI courses

Professional Association of Diving Instructors has been at the forefront in establishing global standards in teaching and certifications for over half a century now. PADI is a de-facto certifying body for diving learning and teaching world over. Diving resorts globally are authorised to conduct these courses and Aqua Diving Inc. is also planning to get associated with PADI and offer PADI certifications.

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PADI offers course from beginners – those keen to take their first breath underwater to the Master Scuba diver in the diving category to master diver and a variety of levels in Rescue diving and instructing. Aqua Diving Inc. plans to affiliate to PADI and offer these courses especially those at the basic level, Adventure diving, open water diving, and Master Scuba diving courses. Offering of these courses is easy because all the three founding members are certified Master Scuba divers and Course Directors. This is from where the inspiration to start Aqua Diving Inc. is.

PADI courses will not be specially promoted but only on the web site. Any way there are concrete plans to drive traffic to the website and hence the promotion of PADI courses would happen. PADI courses and their course names will be key words that would be used for search engine optimisation.

The target customers for this product line do not specifically exist at the lower level courses. Top level courses would be targeted at experienced divers who hold basic certifications already and would want their proficiency certified at higher levels.

PADI offers courses and this is an excellent opportunity for Aqua Diving Inc. to generate revenue as the facilities at Aqua Diving Inc. will be more than what PADI would want as a minimum!

Marketing plan for Diving Camps

Diving camps are specifically targeted at younger and novice divers. There would be special camps that would be conducted round the year targeting the student and learner communities like in the summer camps product. The major difference between the summer camps and diving camps is that the summer camps are held in summer and a similar product is offered in other times of the year.

Promotions for diving camps would be on the lines of summer camps. The best way to market this product is to first start focussing on the geographic areas within 100 miles from each of the resorts and start addressing the educational institutes there.

Social media would obviously play an important role here because the target segment is extremely active in social media. A separate page on the corporate web site is planned to be extremely attractive to the user segment by making the design neat, clean and attractive to the segment by using appropriate language and graphics. The social media of choice for promoting this segment would be Facebook and target is to have 1000 page likes in a span of 3 months from the launch of the page.

Over and above the online presence it is important to have sustained offline marketing in the 100 mile radius of the resort. It is important to build brand awareness among the target population – activities like quizzes, film shows, exhibitions be held in schools and other educational institutions, which would spread awareness of the life under water and obviously build a strong recall among the target customer groups.

Marketing Plan for Fun and relaxation packs

Aqua Diving Inc. resorts are seen as a fun place to be in and this is exactly what this product aims to promote and sell. Families, reunions, get-togethers need spaces that are fun; would there be a better place than Aqua Diving Inc. for that?

Aqua Diving Inc. by virtue of the facilities that exist can also promote itself as being a place for fun and happiness – all of which are significant in family get-togethers, reunions among others. The way the resorts are planned itself ensures great fun and excellent facilities for all irrespective of the age they are in.

The facilities at Aqua Diving Inc. primarily will promote diving and all fun activities centred on diving. This is the primary communication that will go out. There would be a special page on the corporate web site and also with the other class of visitors at the resorts.

The promotions would also be conducted in offline media like the print media with advertisements and write-ups in life style magazines. Also promotional strategy by cobranding it with other products like the banking (credit cards), cars, branded garments etc. would also be explored by the marketing team to create the brand awareness for Aqua Diving Inc. and promote this product.

There would special two day and three day packs designed specially on non-weekend slots to improve occupancy and generate revenues as well as beef up cash flows. A variety of creatively designed customized solutions can be created to cater to clients of this product.

Marketing Plan for Spa Packs

Every Aqua Diving Inc. resort will have a spa attached to it. This spa will target the users of the resorts who come in for other products.

There will be no specific promotion of the spa other than in life style magazines and the corporate website.

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Spa activity will not be seen as a serious revenue generation facility for the resorts. Spas are included to add the element of glamor at each of the resorts, offering sports and health services which are their primary marketing strategies. Commonly, these resorts are furnished with sophisticated facilities and state-of-the-art equipment while offering the guests or tourists with different levels of adventure opportunities and educational programs that are led by experienced instructors. However, the level of standards of these resorts range from international standards specializing in extreme levels of sophistication to campground services that focus purely on recreational sports. The planners who also have become extremely professional and competent in creating meetings and conventions also find these kinds of facilities extremely attractive because of the facilities that are offered by these resorts and also the kind of ambience that is presented by these. The environments in these resorts offer extremely competitive environments and offers great corporate environment because of the competitiveness in the air.

Most of these also have accompanying vacation facilities with superior facilities for the adventure tourists. Spas are lifestyle products and Spas typically tend to attract high end customers. This obviously has other spin-offs in terms of word of mouth in such consumer circles and network. The higher the class of clientele, the higher is the positive impact on the brand of Aqua Diving Inc. brand itself. This can have larger spin-offs for the organization. Hence, Spas are a product that will help build the organizational brand and Aqua Diving Inc. would be spoken off in the higher end market segments. This will have spin-offs on other businesses and generate referral revenues, thus beefing up cash flows.

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