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Business Plan: To introduce cosmetic products for men in Saudi Arabia - Part 4


6. Marketing plan

This section provides the marketing plan for the Crystal Care Company. It has attempted to comprehensively deal with core elements of the marketing. Also detailed implementation plan for developing market awareness with advertising is also presented.

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6.1. Mission

“Crystal Care’s mission is to become a market leader in the provision of oily skin solutions to niche men with sensitive skin. Crystal Care Limited aims to provide solutions to men with oily skin. The products of the Company aim to manage and control the production of sebum.”

6.2. Marketing Strategy

The Crystal care focuses on providing high quality products to the quality conscious customers. The high quality is a main consideration of the company. Company believes that the skincare products should be of high quality because face skin is a very sensitive part of human body therefore company will not compromise in quality and will serve the best quality products to its customers. It is also mandatory to justify its price. Company has distinguished its segment from other segments by declaring that the Crystal care products are specially designed under the consideration of needs and wants of quality conscious customers with specific issues. The company is charging high prices than its competitors on the basis of quality differentiation. Differentiation is developed on the basis of providing product specifically designed for the oily skin related issues of men. Company is differentiating if self in all the promotional channels on the basis of high quality. Company has also designed a tagline or slogan under the consideration of high quality products to position its products in to the target market. Tagline or slogan plays a very important role for the skincare products because it attracts the customers and helps them to memorize the product name or image. This memorized slogan will let the buyer to recall the product while selecting a product for purchase.

6.3. Marketing mix


According to the latest survey in KSA, it has been identified that the market of male in using skin care products has been increasing for the last few years. Boom in the demand of skin care products was reported in 2009 [1]Male wants to groom and will to be good-looking and attractive for women as well as for satisfying the ego with enhanced look of manliness because social advancement is going on with modernization. Especially, young generation is adapting the latest trends in fashion to get moving with the pace of modernization. With the rising trend of personality grooming as well as realization about the importance of treating skin with care, it has been analyzed that there is strong need of increasing the supply of skincare products for men as well. Crystal care limited analyzed all the needs specifically and produced the products to fulfill these needs of the men segment that are facing oil related issues for skin with sensitive skin. The products of Crystal care have unique characteristics in it that will provide more satisfaction to the customers. The material used in the products is of high quality to provide best value to the customers considering the skin sensitivity issues. Product packaging is designed as sophisticated and classy to associate the products with the characteristics of target market.


The competition in the industry is highly stiff because competitors are operating since long period. Some of the competitors like Givenchy, Revlon and L’Oreal are serving the market for the last fifty years which is itself a competitive advantage. Gilette, is also competitor that has captured specific market share in the men shaving and skin care products. Also competitors like Revlon and L’Oreal in the industry are getting high profit margins and bearing low cost of production because of a high production level & effective supply chain network. Therefore, it is important for the company to come up with some innovative strategy to derive the handsome profit margins like its competitors. The Crystal Care limited analyzed all these factors and on the basis of this analysis the Company decided to develop a niche segment to approach the target market. Company will charge high prices and deliver high quality to its customer. The retail price of the product is averaged at SAR 130. This is retail price and distributors and salons will have discounts on bulk buying. The Crystal Clear products will justify its high prices by ensuring its high quality while usage and with after the usage of products. The high price of the product is designed to approach the segment of quality conscious customers that are willing to pay any price for the premium quality products. After analyzing all the factors that could affect the cost of production the company designed a pricing strategy in which company will increase its products prices after every two years by 10%. This change in prices will enable company to be consistent in profit generation.


Considering the high competitive position of the competitors, Crystal care has planned to make its product available through four channels as defined below:

  • The company is introducing its products with the opening of 5 outlets to accurately convey the image of the company in the mind of customers. The five outlets will be opened in five different geographical regions where the rate of professionals or the targeted customers is highest in the KSA. The five locations will placed in Riyadh Gallery, Granada Center, and Kingdom mall in Riaydh[2] while two shops will be located in the . Mall of Arabia and Heraa International mall in Jeddah [3].
  • Another channel to approach the customers is all the leading local distributors that are operating in all the urban markets of KSA because local distributors itself does market research to identify the demand and supply trend of market. Distributors will distribute the products to all the well-known superstores and retailers in all the urban areas of KSA.
  • The company will directly sell its products by the sales representatives to all the men saloons in urban areas. The sales representatives are hired to build relationship with all the targeted saloons because the relationship with the customers retains them for a long term.
  • Company also has a high focus on capturing the online market share because it is a growing market and company will make its product available online to attract the online buyers.


The Company has divided its promotional budget in to three types of promotional activities to target its whole targeted customer groups. Different promotional activities will be effective for different targeted segments.


Television advertisement plan:

Advertising will be done to approach all the actual and potential customers because it is medium to target a mass market. The company is targeting a Niche segment so the advertisement will be designed according to the life style and preferences of the targeted segment.

Advertisement duration & type Duration of advertisement will be 30 seconds and the type of advertisement will be rational because the target market is completely educated. The buyers will buy products again just on the basis of its performance and result.



Advertisement timing on Television



Most of the professionals’ watch television after getting back to home from their offices. Considering this, the time of advertisement will be 8 pm to 11 pm and advertisement will be shown 2 times in mentioned time slot. Another effective time for advertisement is the time of Football and other sports matches.
Life of advertisement The advertisement will be changed after every three months’ period and then new advertisement will be developed on the basis of latest trends.
TV channels for advertisement Entertainment channels in addition to sports and movies \will be used for display.

Online advertising plan:

The online advertising will be made to target both online buyers and non-online buyers. The advertising for online buyers will be made through SEM (search engine marketing). The advertisement of a company will be placed on different websites that are popular for skincare advertisements. For non-online buyers the advertisements will be displayed on social media sites to grab their attention because a high rate of young professionals in KSA use social media on regular basis [4].

Public relation:

The public relation is very important for every business today because it directly impacts on the sales consistency. The company has specially hired a number of public relation officers who will deal with the distributors. The public relationship officers will be specially trained to build relationship with the distributors and retailers in the market. The relationship with the distributors and retailers will help to find out the accurate figures of demand and supply of the skincare products in the local markets. Also the public relation officers will encourage retailers by giving them an incentive of discounted prices to make efforts for selling the Crystal care products more than competitors’ products. In this way Public relation officers will make efforts to increase the volume of sales in the market. This factor will also be effective in KSA as consumers in KSA are more inclined towards special treatment.

6.4. Target market features to be considered in marketing

  • Working class men or professionals: (including: Office employees, TV and Movies actors, sportsmen, etc.)

All the male professionals or working class men of SA with sensitive skin and facing oil problem with skin are the target market of Crystal care products. The television advertisement and online advertisement is performing to approach this segment.

  • Men saloons: (including: men saloons of urban areas for high income class)

All men saloons in the targeted regions is the target market of Crystal care products.

  • Students of professional studies: (including: Bachelors studies students, masters studies and other higher studies students)

A huge number of expat professionals live in and a lot of them are using the skincare products. This segment will be attracted through television advertisement and social media marketing on different social networks like Face book, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Beauty products distributors: (all the leading distributors of local areas to get the accurate figures of the market)

The advertisements and marketing gives a great impact on the market of distributors and retailers. Along with that the public relation officers are specially hired to build relationship with distributors and retailers to better understand the changing dynamics of local markets.

6.5. Market segmentation

The segmentation of target market is done on the basis of three segmentation variables and the marketing activity will be conducted on the basis of characteristics defined below:


High income class in any region of KSA and specifically in the leading cities of KSA accounts the population set as target.


All the Professionals and professional students between the ages of 15-54 years is the target market for Crystal care products. These segments are more inclined to products that enhance their image among peers.


Males with oily and sensitive skin are the target market for Crystal care skincare products for men.


Middle class, upper middle class and high income class is the target market with SAR 95,000 and above per annum.


All the urban regions with mentioned income class in the KSA are targeted by the company by different marketing techniques. However, physical presence will be in the two leading cities in the initial phase of development.


  • All the Personality grooming oriented males with affordability for premium products are the target market of crystal care products for men that are concerned for dealing with oil issues of skin with quality products.
  • Males who are concerned or worried because of oily and sensitive skin are the target market of Crystal care because the company is providing solution of their problem in the form of oil control skincare products.

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“Special Skin Deserve Superior Quality”

Justification of slogan:

This slogan is encouraging the quality conscious buyers who think that their skin is special are sensitive and proper maintenance is required to keep their skin safe and healthy by using high quality skincare products.





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